Hey, I Am Joseph Mongan.


Joseph Mongan is a growth hacker from the United States.

Hey there, thanks for visiting my place on the internet. Professionally I am known as what they call a “growth hacker” which means I am adept at creating well-known brands out of nothing leveraging tactics few know about.

2014 – At 22 years old I sold my first company for seed money.
2016 – I X3 the revenue of a marketing agency and sold it with my partner for $XXX, XXX. 
2018 – We helped develop course curriculum & structure HR for EDU brands overseas.
2021 – I steered a SaaS from $-10,000 a month to profitability. 

In-between times I have consulted for Emerson, Tencent, Huawei, and various manufactures throughout the Pearl River Delta. 

I am the director currently of Tidal88

We’re a media company helping brands around the world gain exposure to a new generation using the same tried and true growth hacking tactics. This is my personal space where I drop blog posts from time to time musing about my industry.


Acquiring data, assessing the viability of an idea, and what it takes to reach an MVP.


Putting together the right teams to build the infrastructure to implement the initial idea.


Setting editorial & social guidelines to craft a brand culture that thrives.


Leverage KPI’s to track success granularly and better set advertisement targets.


8 Countries, 4 Continents, International NGO, & Caffeine.

Since 2011 I have actively lived abroad and visited a fair share of cultures that have been an inspiration to my work. In 2017 I launched the Arise Initiative and our work included sheltering animals in Asia where there were not shelters. 

I am currently in process of launching a new NGO.





Included within my ethos is the heartfelt belief free enterprise can use its energies positively to forge indomitable change in our societies and build bridges rather than division. Bilateralism is the cornerstone of a prosperous and open society that embraces the dynamism of the human experience rather than revert to tribalism. Upon this foundation, a pinnacle of egalitarian success can rise above the piedmont of selfish pursuit whilst answering the call of adversity with the yearnings of continued innovation that drives progress.

Each entity crafted is a photograph of its founder’s intent. 

From mountains of good tidings to the glistening glass of many floors. For each act of kindness that justifies Earth burdening humanities soar. Towards the seashore teeming of dawns sunkissed greeting upon the sands of gold. 

There shall I walk in joy as night’s slumber ceases inwards into the recesses of a distant Plutonian abyss, a dystopian night never again to exist.

– Joseph Mongan


Clouds form from the moisture around them, humans in like draw inspiration from the places they experience.


From time to time I drop in my musings of the industry & personal experience.

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